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Mini Tank Rack™

Quart Tank Rack™

Mini Tank™

Quart Tank™

BPI® Mini Tank Rack™

BPI® Quart Tank Rack™
BPI® Mini Tank™
BPI® Quart Tank™

PC: 63400

PC: 63500 PC: 63200 (Tank) PC: 61300 (Tank)
Mini-Tank Rack hold up to 4 tanks and includes a drip guard. Quart Tank Rack holds up to 4 tanks and includes a drip guard.  Two stainless steel, pint-size (0.47 L) Mini Tanks can replace one quart, doubling the color capacity of your tinting system. The Quart Tank (0.94 L) is made from stainless steel and fits into any standard BPI tint system.
15 L x 5 W x 6" H.
18 L x 8" W x 6" H.
PC: 63100 (Tank & lid)
PC: 61200 (Tank & lid)
38 x 13 x 15.25 cm.
46 x 20 x 15.25 cm.
PC: 63300 (Lid only)
PC: 62700 (Lid only)
Mini Dye Guard™

Quart Tank Dye Guard™

Tank Removal Tool™

Digital Temperature Control

Mini (Pint/0.47L)
Dye Guard™

Quart (0.94L)
Dye Guard™
Tank Removal
BPI® Digital
Temperature Controller™

PC: 68201

PC: 68200 PC: 61304 PC: 62904 (110 V)
PC: 206904 (220 V)
Dye Guards easily slide over tinting tanks to form a divider. They help prevent contamination and minimize evaporation of tints and chemicals. Safely lift both quart and mini-tanks out of lens tinting systems and reduce the risk of burns or messy spillovers. Precisely control the temperature of any BPI tinting system by regulating the electrical supply.
Adapter Plates

PC: 52201
Super Color II™
Super Color 9™
Older BPI systems and other manufacturer’s units may require adapter plates to re-size spaces to accommodate pint-sized mini-tanks.

The new graphite fiber anti-misting and evaporation plate reduces system heat-up time and prolongs heat transfer fluid life. It also improves lab safety by creating a tighter seal around the heat transfer fluid.
PC: 52301
Solar Color 4L™
Twin 8™ (Uses 2)
PC: 52501
Solar Color 4™
PC: 52402
Solar Color 6™
Office Diamond Dye™
PC: 52600
Stainless steel
Super Color I™
Dial Thermometer

Glass Thermometer

HTF Syphon Pump

BPI® Dial Thermometer BPI® Glass Thermometer BPI® HTF Pump™
PC: 62900 PC: 59800 PC: 61801
0 - 220°F 0 - 300°F Easily remove old heat transfer fluid.
Job Tray

Economy Job Tray

Our low cost, easy to stack, job trays are the best money can buy. Available in six colors.

The BPI® Economy Job Trays are slightly smaller and lighter than the Job Trays above. They have a clear, removable divider and are available in five colors.

BPI® Job Trays
BPI Economy Job Trays
Height: 1.5 inches (3.8cm) Height: 1.5 inches (3.8cm)
Width: 6.75 inches (17cm) Width: 6 inches (15.2cm)
Depth: 11.5 inches (29cm) Depth: 9 inches (22.8cm)
PC: 81001 Yellow PC: 81011 Blue
PC: 81002 Blue PC: 81012 Green
PC: 81005 Orange PC: 81013 Yellow
PC: 81006 Red PC: 81014 Orange
PC: 81007 Green PC: 81015 White
PC: 81008 White PC: 81009 Red
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BPI® is the world’s largest manufacturer of optical tints that are used by opticians, optometrists and ophthalmologists in tinting, dying, or otherwise coloring clear plastic – especially optical sunglass lenses. BPI® also produces lines of therapeutic tints providing UV protection and aiding with problems such as blepharospasms, headaches, retinitis pigmentosa, color blindness, corneal dystrophys, macular degeneration, retinal damage and dyslexia. BPI® has specialty tints such as EVA for viewing computer monitors and Solar Dyes for the finest sunglasses. BPI® also manufactures laboratory equipment such as tinting instruments, photometers, ultrasonic cleaners, edgers (for edging lenses), gradient lensors (for producing gradation of tint on lenses) and ovens for heat and chemical tempering of glass lenses for safety glasses and eyewear. BPI® supports all optical lens and sunglass manufacturers and optical laboratories.

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