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Digital Hot Air Frame Warmer

PC:15906 (110v)

Frame Warmer

PC:115901 (110v)215901 (220v)

BPI# 15906 (110v) BPI# 15901 (110v) | BPI#215901 (220v)
Height: 9in (22.86cm) 8.75in (17.14cm)
Width: 6in (15.24cm) 11.25in (28.57cm)
Depth: 13.75in (34.92cm) 8.25in (20.95cm)
Weight: 17lbs (7.7kg) 10lbs (4.5kg)
Amperage: 10 amps 2 amps Fuse: 5 amps, 250 volts
Fuse: 10 amps (250 volts) Glass beads included
The BPI® Digital Hot Air Frame Warmer II™ Is a compact  frame warmer whose digitally controlled thermostat provides better control of the temperature for use with modern frames. The temperature settings can be adjusted from 100F up to 200F as required. We suggest the temperature of 130F for most frames. Frames can be warmed and adjusted in only a few seconds.

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The Stainless Steel Frame Warmer™ is a bead type frame warmer with an all stainless steel construction. The power control allows a temperature range of 130 to 230°F. (54 to 110°C). The temperature control dial has three main settings:
• HIGH setting will reach approximately 230° F. (110°C)
• MEDIUM setting will reach about 190° F. (88°C)
• LOW setting will reach approximately 130°F. (54°C)
The low setting is used for most plastic frames. The unit is not restricted to the 3 main settings. The instrument is made from UL (US Underwriters Laboratory) components.

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