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BPI® UV-IR Solar® Tints
The unique chemical structure of BPI® Solar® Tints remains stable under extremely punishing lab conditions, offering superior brightness and color uniformity, lens after lens. BPI®'s Solar® Tints fade less than 1% per year, allowing colors to remain almost exactly the same as the first day tinted. They also increase the lens hardness and makes the lens surface more resistant to scratches.
3 oz bottle (88 ml) Each bottle makes one quart of solution. (946 ml)

Colors shown may vary according to the monitor type,
resolution and the number of colors displayed.

BPI® Solar®

BPI® Solar®

BPI® Solar®

BPI® Solar®

BPI® Solar®
Safari® Sun

BPI# 37829 BPI# 37853 BPI# 37835 BPI# 37847 BPI# 37872
No red, a green overtone A medium to
dark gray
RayBan™ color
UV-IR protection
A smoky brown color. True brown A rosy-pink

BPI® Solar®

BPI® Solar®

BPI® Solar®

BPI# 37830 BPI# 37849 BPI# 37851
A medium brown with
a hint of yellow
A medium brown
ideal for sports
A dusty,
rose color

BPI®  Aviator™ Tints

BPI® Aviator

BPI® Aviator

BPI# 37861 BPI# 37864
Dark gray. No color aberration Dark brown. No color aberration
The U.S. military wanted a high performance gray lens for their aviators, so we made them one. When split-second decision making based on perfect color vision could be a matter of life and death, pilots of the U.S. military depend on the perfection of BPI® tinted lenses and tints. BPI® Aviator™ Gray-15 meets the specifications for the performance of their mission and the UV protection and health of their eyes. It has an almost flat transmission curve for minimal color aberration and a unique subtractive curve above 600nm to minimize red flair. Lenses can be tinted at all densities and the performance characteristics are the same at 15% transmission as they are at 90%. The U.S. military wanted a tint that would not shift color vision, and would enhance photopic and scotopic vision. BPI® Aviator™Gray-15 is a fast tinting dye that only takes about 10 minutes to reach 85% density. It is guaranteed to reduce tinting time for dark sunglass lenses, fade resistant and meets all U.S. and international standards for color recognition. BPI® Aviator™ Brown-15 allows pilots to have faster night vision adaptation and is useful for activities where critical visual discrimination is important. The U.S. military got all the performance they ordered. Call for pricing and availability.

BPI® is the world’s largest manufacturer of optical tints that are used by opticians, optometrists and ophthalmologists in tinting, dying, or otherwise coloring clear plastic – especially optical sunglass lenses. BPI® also produces lines of therapeutic tints providing UV protection and aiding with problems such as blepharospasms, headaches, retinitis pigmentosa, color blindness, corneal dystrophys, macular degeneration, retinal damage and dyslexia. BPI® has specialty tints such as EVA for viewing computer monitors and Solar Dyes for the finest sunglasses. BPI® also manufactures laboratory equipment such as tinting instruments, photometers, ultrasonic cleaners, edgers (for edging lenses), gradient lensors (for producing gradation of tint on lenses) and ovens for heat and chemical tempering of glass lenses for safety glasses and eyewear. BPI® supports all optical lens and sunglass manufacturers and optical laboratories.

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