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Red Out™

Color Developer™


red tones
tint life
Reduces tinting time
by up to 65%
PC: 37844 PC: 71502 PC: 71001
4oz (110ml) 4oz (110ml) 4oz (110ml)
BPI® Red Out™ helps eliminate one of the most common tint problems, red tones in a dark gray or dark brown lens. This color correction is made by dipping the lens for a few seconds into hot Red Out™ solution.


Add a few drops of BPI® Color Developer™ daily to your tint solution for consistently vivid colors. Reduces streaking and spotting of the tint, eliminates agglomerations without interfering with tinting and re-suspends tint pigments for color uniformity.


It clears the way for better tinted lenses - faster and color consistent, without spots or blotches. It's also long lasting and super-concentrated. Add to your tank just once and your tint will last longer too. It also reduces evaporation by more than one-third. For uncoated lenses only.


Water Soft™

Odor Lid™

Smell So Good™

water quality
lab odors
Makes tint tanks
smell like flowers!
PC: 71600 PC: 71002 8 great fragrances!
16oz (473ml) (pint) 4oz (110ml) 1oz (30ml)
BPI® Watersoft™ improves water quality for better tint color. Watersoft™ modifies the hardest water, acts as a sequestering agent for multivalent metallic ions. Use as a surfacing solution or add a few drops per quart of tint solution for better color. BPI® Odor Lid™ helps control lab odors. It traps vapors in a molecular filter to leave your lab without a trace of chemical odors.

PC: 71004 Strawberry
PC: 71005 Coconut
PC: 71006 Jasmine
PC: 71007 Potpourri
PC: 71008 Lilac
PC: 71009 Peach
PC: 71010 Honeysuckle
PC: 71011 Cinnamon

Spotless™ / Spotless Pills™

Spotless Pearls™

Stabilizer™ / Stabilizer Pills™

Stop blotches &
white spots
Stop blotches & white spots
on hard coated lenses
Maintains an
even pH
PC: 37891 8 oz (236 ml)
PC: 37892 50 pills
PC: 37894
4oz (110ml)
PC: 37890 8oz (236ml)
PC: 37893 50 pills

Stop blotches and white spots! Some hard coated lenses will exhibit blotches, white spots, and unusual color variations due to ionic and irregular surface charges. These lens surface difficulties can be minimized by using one capful of BPI® Spotless™ to a quart tank of tints.


Some hard coated lenses will exhibit blotches, white spots, and unusual color variations due to ionic and irregular surface charges. In these cases, use BPI® Spotless Pearls™ when the tints have been mixed with distilled or de-ionized water. After prolonged use, the normal pH of tint solutions may change from a neutral 7. BPI® introduces a pH stabilizer for your tint tanks. A capful of BPI® Stabilizer™ will keep a tint bath in the 7 pH range without affecting the colors of your tints.
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BPI® is the world’s largest manufacturer of optical tints that are used by opticians, optometrists and ophthalmologists in tinting, dying, or otherwise coloring clear plastic – especially optical sunglass lenses. BPI® also produces lines of therapeutic tints providing UV protection and aiding with problems such as blepharospasms, headaches, retinitis pigmentosa, color blindness, corneal dystrophys, macular degeneration, retinal damage and dyslexia. BPI® has specialty tints such as EVA for viewing computer monitors and Solar Dyes for the finest sunglasses. BPI® also manufactures laboratory equipment such as tinting instruments, photometers, ultrasonic cleaners, edgers (for edging lenses), gradient lensors (for producing gradation of tint on lenses) and ovens for heat and chemical tempering of glass lenses for safety glasses and eyewear. BPI® supports all optical lens and sunglass manufacturers and optical laboratories.

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