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BPI® Diamond Dye™

BPI® Diamond Dye™
400nm XL

BPI® Diamond Dye™
400nm Ultra-Hard

BPI® Diamond Dye™ outlasts all other UV dyes
No more boil-overs! No more globs in your tint tank! BPI® UV Diamond Dye™ 400nm is virtually clear. It will not build-up in the bottom of your tank. In fact, it will not wear out because of the amount of time in the tint tank. Diamond Dye™ 400nm was the first UV dye and has exhaustive laboratory testing and clinical use. Millions of lenses each year are protected by UV Diamond Dye™ 400nm. BPI® UV Diamond Dye™ 400nm is the ideal UV dye for those labs that have low volume UV treatments. You can expect well over 100 pairs from a single bottle. Many labs have experienced up to three months of use from a single bottle.

Protection never fades
It is the only UV dye that will NOT fade. In fact, the longer it is exposed to ultraviolet light, the more UV light it absorbs due to its active crystal matrix.


UV and scratch protection
UV Diamond Dye™ 400nm has the only active crystal molecular matrix that penetrates deep into the lens. The density and hardness of the crystal matrix will reduce the number of scratches

No more yellow lenses
UV Diamond Dye™ 400nm will never yellow a lens! In fact, it is the only UV dye recommended by many manufacturers of hard coated lenses.

BPI® Diamond Dye™ 400nm
PC: 37100
BPI® Diamond Dye™ 400nm XL
PC: 37101
BPI® Diamond Dye™ 400nm Ultra-Hard
PC: 37112
Processing time: 30-40 minutes Processing time: 20-35 minutes Processing time: 30-40 minutes
16 fl oz (473 ml)
Makes one quart of solution
Treats 100+ Pairs. Enhanced scratch protection.
BPI® UV Only™

BPI® UV Only™
400nm XL

Crystal Clear™

BPI® UV Only™
During the BPI® UV-Only™ treatment process, the lens is cured and the dye becomes part of the lens matrix. Protection will last for the life of the lens. The process may take as little as 5 minutes and the lenses are almost clear after treatment. They may then be tinted if desired. You can UV protect your patient’s lenses in only a few minutes with any BPI® lens tinting system. BPI® UV Only™ will help prevent cataracts, macular and corneal edema and senile macular degeneration due to ultraviolet light.

BPI® UV Crystal Clear™
After five years of exhaustive research and testing, Dr. Wertheim and the R&D team at BPI® invented a new UV dye. BPI® UV Crystal Clear™. It never boils over! BPI® Crystal Clear™ lasts up to three months in your dye tank and provides protection to hundreds of lenses in about two minutes. This new UV dye fades less than 2% in five years, it is crystal clear in your tinting system and meets USA ANSI Z80.3 standards. Don’t risk the health and vision of your patients, insist on BPI® UV protection. If you don’t tint you own lenses, BPI® will provide the name of the nearest lab that can treat your lenses with BPI® tints and UV protection.

BPI® UV Only™
PC: 37700
BPI® UV Only™ XL
PC: 37699
BPI® UV Crystal Clear™
PC: 37690
Processing time: 10-20 minutes Processing time: 5-10 minutes Processing time: 2-10 minutes
16 fl oz (473 ml)
Makes one quart of solution
Treats 100+ Pairs.
BPI® UV 400 Plus™

BPI® The Pill® - UV Caplet™

PC: 37669 PC: 50060
Processing time: 8-15 minutes Processing time: 10-20 minutes
8 fl oz (236 ml) Pack of 1 caplet
Makes one quart of solution
Treats 100+ Pairs. Treats 80+ Pairs.
Designed to provide UV protection to lenses that will receive an AR coating, BPI® UV 400 Plus™ also works on all kinds of uncoated and hard coated lenses. Fast treatment time.
Reduce your shipping costs with the BPI® Pill®. Three pills make one quart of solution That will treat almost 100 pairs of lenses with a cycle time of only a few minutes.
BPI® UV Clarifier™

BPI® UV Lens Holder II™

Can be used with Sola PermaGard™ lenses (and many other types of hard coated lenses) to remove excessive yellowing (fluorescing) when treated with some UV dyes.
The white color makes the holder visibly different and will show color if inadvertently immersed in tint.  This makes it ideal for UV tinting.
PC: 37711 - 0.5 ounce (14 grams) package PC: 8300
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BPI® is the world’s largest manufacturer of optical tints that are used by opticians, optometrists and ophthalmologists in tinting, dying, or otherwise coloring clear plastic – especially optical sunglass lenses. BPI® also produces lines of therapeutic tints providing UV protection and aiding with problems such as blepharospasms, headaches, retinitis pigmentosa, color blindness, corneal dystrophys, macular degeneration, retinal damage and dyslexia. BPI® has specialty tints such as EVA for viewing computer monitors and Solar Dyes for the finest sunglasses. BPI® also manufactures laboratory equipment such as tinting instruments, photometers, ultrasonic cleaners, edgers (for edging lenses), gradient lensors (for producing gradation of tint on lenses) and ovens for heat and chemical tempering of glass lenses for safety glasses and eyewear. BPI® supports all optical lens and sunglass manufacturers and optical laboratories.

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