Standard Tints ( Incl. Fashion, Swiss Pastel, I-Tints & Super Shield Tints)

The tints in this category are eligible for the six-pack discount: any six 3-oz. bottles from this category will receive a discount of $13.05. That's better than a free bottle in every six-pack!

The unique chemical structure of our tints makes them more stable and reduces tinting time. The tint molecules bond to the lens and become part of the lens structure. The lens cures in the tinting process and has a more scratch resistant surface. Choose from more than 188 BPI® colors. BPI® Tints are available in 3 ounce (88 ml) plastic bottles and money saving six-packs. Each 3 ounce bottle makes one quart (946 ml) of solution and tints hundreds of lenses. Some colors are available in quart (946 ml) bottles. BPI® tints are now also available as Pills®.

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BPI Yellow  - 3 oz bottle
Six-Pack Discount

BPI Yellow - 3 oz bottle

A strong, true yellow for all purposes..


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