• BPI Lens Color Filter Selector
A Windows(tm) program that displays an image and allows the user to see what the image would look like through colored filters. The user can select filter colors from a list of BPI tints or from the whole gamut available to the computer. Useful for selecting pleasing sunglass colors or experimentally for counteracting colorblindness, improving visual acuity, etc.

Click here to see a demonstration video of the program in action on Youtube. (Video is most effective in high-resolution and full-screen mode.)

Not available for iPad or Android tablets, but has been successfully tested on Windows 8.1 tablets including HP Stream 7, Microsoft Surface Pro 3, and Winbook TW700.

How to buy the BPI Color Filter Selector Program:
(1) After you complete your checkout and payment, click on "My Account">"My Orders">"Downloads", where you will find a link to your setup program. (File size: 11,556,013). You may download this program again if you lose it.
(2) On the first work day after we receive your payment, we will email an activation code to the address in your profile. (Please make sure the email address in your customer profile is correct.)
(3) Install the program on the computer where you intend to use it. The first time it runs, it will ask for the activation code and connect to the Internet to register itself. Once it has been registered, it will never need to use the Internet again. Note: the activation code can only be used on one computer, and it cannot be transferred. Once the activation code has been used, this product is non-refundable.

System requirements (not very demanding):
(1) PC-compatible computer with Windows XP/Vista/7/8
(2) Full-color display, preferably at least 1200x900. Faster video cards will improve performance.
(3) Mouse or equivalent, preferably with scroll wheel.
(4) 12 MB memory.
(5) 20 MB free space on hard drive.
(6) Internet access for initial registration only.

BPI Lens Color Filter Selector

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