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Troubleshooting Tinting Units with Circuit Breaker Switch

1. If the problem is that the indicator light doesn’t come on and the unit does not show any signs of heating up even after waiting 15 minutes (note: if unit heats even though light is out - the light is bad), then:

 Turn off the unit, set the thermostat knob to “OFF” and unplug the unit. Plug some other device into the plug where the tint unit was plugged in and see if that device functions (if you use a gradient, be sure that the motor on the gradient runs, not just the timer). If the device functions, then:

 With the tinting unit still unplugged, open the side panel and press the red reset button (of the overtemp sensor on the side of the liner pan) while you listen and feel for a “click”. If the unit resets, then that was the problem and you should be aware not to place overly hot items (like Neutralizer II™) in the tank near the overtemp sensor. You also shouldn’t allow the liquid in tanks near the sensor to get very low. However, if the overtemp doesn’t reset (wasn’t tripped to begin with), then:

 You should check all the internal wiring connections for tightness and discoloration. If the wires appear ok, then:

 The problem is probably the switch or the thermostat (need meter to check).

 2. If the problem is that the indicator light comes on but the unit doesn’t heat up, then:

 The heating element(s) is(are) almost certainly bad.

 3. If the problem is that the circuit breaker switch trips off after a short time, then:

 Make sure that this is not a new 110VAC unit being accidentally plugged into a 220VAC socket (the 110VAC 20A plug looks like a 220VAC plug). If it is an older unit, still plugged into the same socket as always, then:

 Visually inspect the condition of the element(s) for damage. If the element(s) look ok, the problem could be the circuit breaker switch, but it is probably an element (need a meter to check).

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